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The best deodorant you will ever use

Seriously. 1/4 teaspoon in each pit and you can sweat your ass off, totally stink-free for like 2 full days. It’s a natural anti-bacterial so those little fuckers won’t multiply and make you smell. Plus it’s cheaper and healthier than any deod you can buy anywhere.

Use equal parts of the following:

-corn starch
-baking soda
-coconut oil
-cocoa butter

With a few drops of whatever essential oil you want, for fragrance. Otherwise it basically just smells like nothing. I use tea tree oil & pine needle oil. Cuz they’re MANLY.

Note - It pretty much turns to liquid if it’s warmer than about 75 degrees. If you want to keep it solid, you can refrigerate it or add a little more corn starch.

Reblogging myself again, cuz I still use this and it’s still awesome

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omfg why am I laughing so hard

wothappenedtoagentgeorgia asked: For someone writing an original story, what advice would you give?


There are countless things that I could say about this topic (I could probably go on for hours if you let me), but I’ll try to keep it as more of a ‘brief’ overview.

First of all, you want to decide what kind of writer you are. Do you like planning, or do you prefer figuring out the plot as you go along? I know from personal experience that this can be a hard thing to determine. I generally end up planning a good portion of the story, then get bored and just start writing. That’s okay too.

However, you do want to keep in mind that is is possible go overboard in either direction. If you’re a planner, you don’t want to over plan, or else you won’t want to write the actual story, since you’ve pretty much already done it. At the same time, if you’re not really a planner, you do want to have a few major plot points in mind. If you don’t, then your story will ramble, and probably won’t make a whole lot of sense.

Also, every author (or at least every author I’ve heard of/talked to) gets to a point in their book where they just want to give up. They think that everything they’ve done up until that point is complete shit, and are ready to throw in the towel. But you have to push through. If you don’t, then you won’t even have anything to edit in order to make it better.

Though odds are that it isn’t as bad as you think it is. (It could be, but that’s a whole other story).

Another thing that you want to keep in mind, besides plot, are characters. Characters are the heart and soul of any story, as you are literally telling what happened, is currently happening, or will happen to these people. If you get caught up in an amazing concept and plot, but your characters are just subpar, you’ll just end up fucking yourself over.

Make sure that you know your characters as well as, if not better than you know yourself. You should know how they would respond to most general situations, and they need to be unique. No one wants to read a story that reads like 5+ versions of the same character (unless it actually is 5+ versions of the same character). 

If you can, try to keep what you’re doing unique. I know that’s difficult in today’s day and age, since so many people have already written so many things. However, there’s a theory that there are really only a set number of plots, and what makes yours different are your setting and characters (yet another reason to make sure that they’re memorable and well done).

One final note is to make sure that you actually know how to write. I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people I’ve met that try to write books and submit them to editors when their grammar skills are okay at best. Spelling is crucial. It’s the boring part of writing, but it’s still important.

Though there are some instances when breaking the rules is okay. Starting sentences with ‘and’ is one of them. Schools kill you for it, but despite what they try to tell you, it’s fine in fiction. Another is using words other than ‘said’ and ‘asked’. Those words are invisible, and blend in, while words such as ‘mumbled’ are not. They’re fine every now and again, but make sure to throw some of the normal ones in there as well.


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